Bathroom mirrors maintenance

                             Bathroom mirrors maintenance

Don"t use wet hand to touch mirror,and also do not use wet cloth to wipe the mirror,to avoid increasing humidity into

The mirrors can"t touch salt, fat and acidity material, these substances are easily to rusty the surface of mirrors

The surface of mirrors must to use soft dry cloth or cotton to wiping, in order to prevent the mirror is wipe brush crude

Can using a soft cloth or emery cloth to wipe, dip with some kerosene or wax

To clean the mirror,mirror frame using the dishcloth which dip with milk,can make it clear bright,

Before the bath,but face of soap daub lens, reoccupy does cloth to wipe, lilquid film of a black is formed namely on lens face, can prevent lens face faintness.

With dry dishcloth which dip with right amount dish detergent to smear mirror surface, washing spirit wipe equably.The active ingredient which is contained in the dish detergent,can effectively prevent steam condensation in the mirror, can have very good anti-fog role

And also can use astringent astringent or liquid detergents